Operational Ship Management

Ship Management
One key factor for Vindskip AS to succeed in this market, is to work closely with a knowledgeable and dedicated  Ship Management company. The owners of the cargo is expecting very high standards of service level from the operators. In the end, it is the performance of the vessels and their officers and crews that will establish the service level experienced by the cargo owners.

Strategic cooperation with OSM Group
Vindskip AS has therefore established a strategic cooperation with the OSM Group in Norway and their daughter company in Singapore. This in order being able to meet  the high standard of performance expected from the car manufacturers and the vessel’s operators. This cooperation also includes supervision of the newbuilding of vessels.

About OSM
OSM Group is a substantial professional ship management and crewing company, headquartered in Norway. OSM is an independent marine-services provider offering a broad scope of high quality ship management and consultancy services for all types of vessels and offshore units. OSM Group has a fleet of  500 vessels under its management, and operates from 30 offices around the world. the company employs more than 12,000 skilled and motivated employees from around 30 nations, who are dedicated to serving a significant number of customers worldwide. The OSM Group has customers in all shipping and offshore segments and is a provider of high quality management service operations worldwide.

For further details, visit: www.osm.no