About us

Vindskip® is a carbon-robust ship concept with a car carrying capacity of 6 600 RT43 cars. The ship is meeting MARPOL Annex VI 2020 and has also the potential to meet a 50% reduction in emission from 2008 to 2050.

Company Vindskip AS is a privately owned company located in Barkåker, Tønsberg.

Statutory purpose of company Vindskip AS:
Purchasing, selling and leasing activities of marine installations, including ships and other floating offshore installations as well as operations in connection with this, including the operation of the above.

Our Vision
To protect the climate on the seven seas through the introduction of the innovative ship Vindskip®.

Our Mission
Through the engineering of this novel ship design, powered by the wind and liquid biogas and liquid natural gas, offer to prospects the market’s lowest emission for sea transport available in the Deep Sea Car Carrier segment. The main KPI to be measured for customers, is the value of emissions per car per transported 1000 km. Meeting the owners of the cargo requirement, combined with competitive freight rates.

Our ambition is to reduce the energy demand and increase the energy efficiency of ships.

In order to reduce the energy requirements of ships, it is important to look at optimization of design and operation. There is a need to increase energy efficiency at all stages, from tank to propeller.

Vindskip® can reduce drag by 75% , under certain conditions, with remarkable consumption and cost reduction. Further, its design is thought for different fuels and an intelligent autonomous propulsion control. In combination with a Weather Routing Module it is forming a dynamic unit.

This will give a reduced need for energy to perform a given operation as well as increased utilization of energy will reduce the associated energy cost.

Our History
Founding date of the company: 28th  October 2016.

System suppliers to Vindskip®

LNG Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS)

STADT LEAN Propulsion Design

Brunvoll Propulsion System

e-Navigation Solutions

FURUNO VOYAGER bridge system

Shareholders VAT number Stake
Høglund Marine Solutions AS 966 107 650 70 %
Stadt AS 984 021 887 30 %